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  • I want to become a mermaid. How much does it cost?
    Our current prices are $180 per person for a standard photoshoot and $220 per person for a Premium photoshoot. We require a 50% initial payment at the time of booking to secure your spot. After you have received your edited photos, you may purchase additional edited photos.
  • What's the different between Standard and Premium photoshoots?
    Our standard photoshoots include: rental of a mermaid tail, top, headdress, and jewelry for the duration of the photoshoot; 1.5 hours with the photographer, including 30-60 minutes of shoot time (depending on how quickly you/your group gets ready); posing coaching; and 5 edited photos delivered digitally in the 1-2 weeks after your photoshoot. Premium photoshoots include all of the above, 10 edited photos, and an upgrade to one of our highly realistic tails from Finfolk Productions (check out the Experience page above for examples).
  • How many photos do I get?
    At this time, we provide the following photos: Standard Shoots - 5 edited photos per person Premium Shoots - 10 edited photos per person All photos will be delivered digitally in the 1-2 weeks after your shoot. The photos are chosen at the photographer's discretion, but don't worry-- we will make sure you get the best of the best! You'll see in-camera thumbnails of the photos throughout the shoot. This helps you to know how everything's looking, and we can change our posing accordingly to make sure you love your photos. We work with you to ensure that any "must have" photos are included in your final edits. You can also purchase additional edited photos from your shoot. If you're interested, we can discuss during your shoot, or send us an email to inquire about current prices.
  • Do you do photoshoots for kids?
    Yes! We gladly accept little ones for photoshoots, provided that anyone under the age of 18 is accompanied by a parent or guardian. Our current inventory includes costumes for ages 2 through adult. We also offer packages for parents who would like to participate with their little ones. Feel free to contact us at to inquire about availability!
  • How do I book a shoot?
    Please email us at to request to book a shoot!
  • I don't see a date / time that I want. Are you all booked?
    We might be-- just message us and we'll see if anything is available on the date that you want.
  • Can my friends and family come?
    Yes! We do ask during the booking process if you plan to bring anyone with you. If you are bringing any non-participating folks under the age of 18 (i.e. they are not becoming a mermaid with you), they must be accompanied by a non-participating adult.
  • Do you have any COVID-19 safety measures?
    All tails, accessories, and tops are fully sanitized between each booking. The photographer is fully vaccinated and wears a mask during the initial meeting, at which point we establish if you'd prefer us to continue wearing masks throughout the shoot. We do shoot on a public beach, so you may be around other people, but we do our best to keep you away from others-- and people generally give us space to do our thing!
  • Still have questions?
    Contact us at !

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