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I'm a lifelong ocean advocate who loves using film and photography to tell stories. I've been part of the "mermaiding" community since 2013, and have performed as a mermaid at events benefitting local nonprofits.


In college, a photographer friend and I dreamed up a crazy idea: why not do a photoshoot with me dressed as a mermaid? Sure enough, a few weeks later we at the closest beach doing just that. I had a blast, and one of the best parts was bringing magic to the kids who saw a "real mermaid" on the beach that day. It was an incredibly body-positive experience too-- despite my concerns, I realized that kids didn't care what size or shape you were if you were a mermaid! I wanted to share the experience with others. I knew I wasn't the only kid who dreamed of being a mermaid growing up! At the time, I didn't have the resources to bring this idea to life. For a while, it stayed just that-- an idea.


A few years later, I had the opportunity I needed to begin: I applied to host an Airbnb Experience. I used this chance to design something that would make childhood dreams come true, promote body positivity, and incorporate ocean conservation. After all, where better to experience being a mermaid than sunny San Diego, California? Luckily, my Experience was accepted in the initial cohort of Airbnb Experiences, and that's how this all began!


The pristine beaches of La Jolla Shores offer a true California experience, whether you are coming from near or far. We offer one of the only mermaid photoshoot experiences in California, and the photos you receive will be a fun reminder of your unique experience!

What does a mermaid makeover entail, anyway? Click below to read more!

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