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The experience

Wondering what it's like to become a mermaid?

We'll meet at La Jolla Shores, a beautiful family-friendly beach on the edge of a marine protected area. Our shooting locations may include one of many tide pools teeming with sea life, a scientific research pier, or the scenic cliff backdrops of Black's Beach.

Our experience starts with a mini makeover, where I put some finishing touches on your makeup with biodegradable, eco-friendly glitter. 


Next, we get you dressed up in your mermaid accessories, which includes your choice of seashell or mermaid scale top, tiaras, hair clips, and jewelry. Then, we select your tail based on your measurements and color preferences.


After your makeover is complete, we walk down to the water's edge to put on your tail and your transformation is complete! During your 45 minute sunset photoshoot, I'll provide posing coaching to get the best shot. The whole experience lasts about 1.5 hours. Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with amazing photo souvenirs!

Each group will receive 10-20 edited photos in 2-3 weeks after the shoot.

Interested in our Premium upgrade? For an additional fee, you can upgrade your tail to one of our photorealistic tails from Finfolk Productions, a leader in the mermaid tail industry! Your Premium upgrade comes with the rental of one of our Premium tails and includes all the perks of our Standard shoots. Photos of current Premium inventory below for reference. If you'd like to set up a Premium shoot, please email us at for more information! (Note: Premium upgrade subject to size availability. Not available for children's sizes.)

Premium Tail: "Shipwreck Siren"

Premium Tail: "The Oracle"